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Bumper Repair Glasgow from only £150

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Bumper and door repair and replacement if necessary

A cracked or dented bumper can normally be repaired and repainted and help you save the costly replacement of a bumper, which these days can be expensive.

We have the experts and machinery to plastic weld and bumper repairs, thereafter repaint in our oven to a like new finish. If you have any bumper damage and think you might need a new bumper, our experts will be pleased to advise free of charge if it can be repaired, as we can often offer our customers significant savings for like-new repairs.

We had a gentleman in with a 20 plate VX Corsa who seemed to think he needed a new bumper and was delighted to be advised by ourselves that it could be plastic welded and repaired to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of a new bumper, which incidently if required was on a 4 to 6 week back order with the main agent.

Once repaired and repainted, the gentleman was delighted to see his car in like-new condition and even more delighted at the huge saving against a new bumper.

If you bumper simply has a light or heavy scratch or scuff, we can repair and repaint it at a small cost. We deal with such work on an almost daily basis and will be delighted to give a free no-obligation quote which should delight you. We work on the principle that no job is too small and understand that a car is usually a person's pride and joy.

We undertake repairs of doors, bonnets, boots and evey panel on a car whether it be the small, family, or prestige vehicle to the highest standard, with paint work baked in our oven to produce a high-quality factory-like finish @ the best affordable prices which delights our valued customers.

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