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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishments
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Alloy Wheel Repairs from only £39

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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Scuffs Away are the specialist in alloy wheel repairs and alloy wheel diamond cutting

We refurbish alloy wheels for a variety of motor traders in and around the Glasgow area which is testimony to the standard of our wheel refurbishment.

The wheels are removed from the car, the tyres are removed from the wheels, the wheels are then stripped back to the bare metal and given primer coats as required.

The wheels are then painted in our oven to the colour of choice and baked and thereafter are diamond cut by our expert on the CNC machine to produce the necessary factory-like finish.

The wheels are then given between 2 and 4 coats of special wheel lacquer in our oven to give the high-gloss like-new finish and baked in the oven until cured hard. They tyres are then refitted to the wheels, balanced and then refitted to your car.

Refurbishing diamond cut wheels properly is a labour intensive and time consuming process that requires to be undertaken by an expert and properly trained staff using the latest wheel repair equipment.

We use the latest lever-less tyre changing machines in order to prevent any damage to the refurbished wheel when refitting your tyres so that you can be sure that the wheels refitted to your car are in the very same condition as when they came out of the oven. In our view, there are very few repairers that have the proper machines, facilities and expert staff to carry out diamond cutting of wheels, so if you want your wheels refurbished to the highest possible standards please visit Scuffs Away as we truly take pride in our work and standards.

Many of the smaller cars these days may also have diamond cut wheels and so if you are not sure if your wheels are diamond cut then please call in to see one of our experts as they will be please to advise you if your wheels are diamond cut or non-diamond cut.

Tyres losing air? We can help

When your tyres are losing air, this is known as a rim leak and a common fault on alloy wheels. Rim leaks can be caused by the inside of the wheel oxidising and the cure is refurbishing the inside of the wheel, which involves:

Buffing the alloy wheel down to the bare metal

  • Taking the wheel off of the car
  • Removing the tyre from the wheel
  • Buffing the inner wheel down to the bare metal
  • Putting a coat of primer on the wheel
  • Painting the inner wheel to seal it and stop further oxidation
  • Putting the tyre back on the wheel
  • Balancing the wheel
  • Putting the wheel back on the car

All for only £39.95, larger wheels may be a bit more.

Alloy Wheel Repair Cost

Save up to 50% on quotes by avoiding unecessary repairs and insurance claims

Some customers have expressed in error that they thought their wheels were too damaged to be repaired. Rarely do we come across a wheel that is too damaged to refurbish, therefore, if you are not sure whether your own wheels could be repaired, then please bring your car into ourselves where our experts will be delighted to advise free of charge if your wheel or wheels are beyond refurbishment.

Some charge in exces of £100.00 plus VAT per wheel for diamond cutting, and some charge around £120.00 plus VAT. Therefore, if you use our service then the you could be saving around £200.00 plus VAT.

We can also change your wheel to any colour of your choice from a selection of over 3,000 colours to choose from.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Glasgow Prices
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