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Motability Car Body Repairs in Glasgow

Refurbished for End-of-Lease Hand Back

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Get your car refurbished like-new to avoid hand-back charges

Returning motability vehicles at the end of the contract with damage to the bodywork or wheels can result in additional charges imposed by the finance company.

We have helped a large number of customers now to avoid extra charges by using the latest specialist equipment to help them get a factory quality like-new finish for all of their vehicle's:

  • Alloy wheel damage
  • Bodywork dents
  • Paint repairs
  • Scrapes
Motability Car body repairs in Glasgow
Specialist Repair Equipment for Top Quality Results at Low Cost

Refurbishing and repairing cars back to like-new condition requires specialised equipment and paints.

We have 4 custom-built paint facilities equipped with a paint curing oven and a full selection of specialist paints to provide you with the highest quality of repairs for your vehicle at the lowest cost.

This enables us to repair your car back to like-new condition much more efficiently than normal paint shops, and recently enabled us to help a customer avoid a quote of repairing their paintwork for £780.00 plus VAT and, instead, provide a like-new repair for only £280.00 plus VAT saving them over £500.00.

Motability car paint and bodywork repairs in Glasgow
Repairing and refurbishing any Alloy Wheel damage

Alloy wheels damage can be expensive to repair without the proper equipment and expertise. We at Scuffs Away are specialists at Alloy Wheel repair and provide repairs for a number of motor traders around the Glasgow area such is the standard of our wheel refurbishment.

We have 4 wheel repair workshops fitted with the latest alloy wheel refurbishment equipment and our experienced staff are able to help you get any dents or buckles out of your wheels at the lowest cost.

Once any dents or buckles have been repaired, we apply the required primer coat to the wheels before painting them in our oven to the colour of your choice. We then apply 2-to-4 coats of special wheel lacquer in order give your wheels the high-gloss like-new finish, and then bake them in the oven until they are cured hard in order to further protect them from any future chipping or kerbing.

Our staff use specialist equipment to refit your tyres back onto the refurbished wheels so that no damage occurs to your wheels when refitting, so that you can get your wheels refurbished and refitted to a like-new finish that is ready for driving away.

Our refurbishing equipment and capacity also lets you get a same-day refurbishment and repair service if your require it, and we also stock a full range of over 3,000 wheel colours for any wheel colour change you might need.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Glasgow from only 39
Refurbished Alloy Wheels at Scuffs Away Glasgow.jpg
Refurbished Alloy Wheels
Alloy Wheel Repair Glasgow Blast Wash
Wheel stripping blast wash
Leverless Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer
Leverless Tyre Changer and Balancer
Alloy Wheel Repair Glasgow CNC Machine
Wheel cutting CNC machine
Wheel Straightening Machine
Wheel Straightening Machine
Scuffs Away Glasgow Repair Workshops
Wheel Refurbishment Workshops
Wheel Finishing Oven
Wheel Finishing Oven
Paint Mixing Scheme Equipment
Paint Mixing Equipment
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