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Car Paint Repair Glasgow At Scuffs Away we can help you get your car's bodywork repaired like-new with our same-day repair service right in the centre of Glasgow.

We use the latest specialised car paint repair equipment to help you fix any of your body work repairs including:

  • Scratches
  • Stone chip repairs
  • Bodywork damage
  • Bumper scuffs

Our car body repair service has custom-built workshops and parking facilities to help you get your car body work repaired same-day to the very highest standard.

Car Scratch Repairs

If your car's bodywork is in need of repair or replacement due to surface or structural damage, then our expert staff have the experience and the equipment to get you your vehicle repaired fast, and at the very best price.

It is impossible to say whether a scratch can be polished out without seeing the car and therefore if you have a car with a scratch or two or more, our expert staff will be delighted to advise free of charge whether it can be polished out or not.

As a general rule, if the scratch is through to the metal then it cannot be polished out and will need a paint repair. If it needs a paint repair, then we normally can do this by way of a smart repair, which is the most economical way to carry out such repairs. These have the advantage that your vehicle is off the road for the minimal time while keeping repair costs to a minimum.

Stone Chip Repairs

Stone chip damage if through to the metal should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid rust setting in as when rust sets in the cost of the repair is likely to be more because such repairs are more time consuming and can involve the use of more expensive materials.

The sooner this stone chip damage is repaired, therefore, the more the value of your car is protected, and therefore stone chip repairs can be very cost-effective.

Bonnet and bumper chip repairs

Bumper Stone Chip and Bumper Scuff Repair Glasgow We regularly provide high quality bonnet and bumper stone chip repairs for our customers, restoring their vehicles to like-new condition, and they are regularly delighted with both the cost and result of their repairs.

How much does a stone chip repair cost?

While some stone chips are similar, no two stone chips are the same, and so if you feel your car may benefit from a stone chip repair, please bring your car in to see us where one of our experts will be pleased to provide a free estimate of the time your vehicle may be required to be with ourselves in order to carry out the repair. You can book you car in at that time if that is convenient to you also.

Free repair estimates

As always, we endeavour to carry out all our repairs as quickly as possible, and inconvenience the customer as little as possible. All our estimates are free of charge and in written format to let you to compare estimates elsewhere on a like-for-like basis, bearing in mind that some mobile repairers carry out work at the customer's door or driveway, whereas we have purpose-built premises, an oven and up-to-date equipment which provides as near a factory finish as can be obtained whether it be a Rolls-Royce or a Ford KA.

Car Body Shop

Specialist body repair paints from a wide range of over 3,000 colour choices

Body Shop Glasgow Southside Our facilities and workshops have been fully equipped with all the latest car body repair technology so you can get your car's bodywork, scratches and dents and bumper scuffs repaired like new quickly, without enormous expense and to the very highest standard.

We also have our own in-house paint mixing machine which can colour and match over 3,000 colours to give you the assurance and peace of mind that any colour match of your repair is perfect or as near perfect as possible.

We pride ourselves on the standard of workmanship and competitive prices that we always endeavour to achieve for our customers.

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